“I propose that we explore embedding nature into our culture and develop what I call a Nature Culture.”

– Rob Butler, Terralingua Magazine, 2017

A world-wide movement is underway to improve how we live with nature. Nature Culture provides a philosophy and direction for us to reconnect to nature.

Nature Culture is a concept developed by Rob Butler after a four decade career of bird research and conservation. “By rooting a culture in nature requires sustaining the natural world” said Rob. “I thought for conservation to succeed required a community approach in which individuals could take ownership”. Inspiration came from research into the social and health benefits of nature. And from the UNESCO World Heritage Designation of the Mediterranean Diet that recognized the role of sustaining the sources of the food and livelihoods of harvesters as central to sustaining the Mediterranean culture. “Although much research has shown the benefits of nature to our health, well-being and development, and many people are seeking ways to reduce their impact on the natural world, an overarching philosophy was missing” said Rob Butler.


Image source: « Fox Fur »Mircea Iancu